CBIE Conference 2020

November 16 – 20

The meeting place for international education professionals from across Canada and around the world.

CBIE2020 is going virtual

More information to come

About CBIE 2020

Events from the last year have communities around the world thinking more than ever about serious international issues of climate change, rising migration, inequality, faltering economies, and so much more. The future is uncertain and the speed and scale of change grow with every day. More and more, we find ourselves negotiating the balancing act between a global mindset and local approaches.

Like the world around us, the international education landscape is changing.

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The international education environment in Canada has always been a vibrant one. Our Government recently launched a second International Education Strategy and we are fortunate to have a large pool of practitioners examining critical questions and exploring unseen avenues through which to innovate and ultimately improve the sector. CBIE 2020 will be a space for creative leaders and collaborators to expose the issues that institutions are facing, explore the possibilities when it comes to design, delivery and impact, and forge the way for the innovative pathways of the future.

What role should our sector be playing within a complex global environment? How can we work together to shape the future of international education in Canada?