Harnessing the Potential of Inter-institutional Collaboration in the Post-COVID-19 Francophone Education Sector: Where do we go from here?


Join us for an engaging session intended to explore the broad dimensions of inter-institutional partnership and collaboration within the global Francophone community. There has never been a more critical time for institutions to deepen their global engagement. What are the untapped opportunities that exist for meaningful inter-institutional engagement within the global Francophone community? What barriers or challenges stand in the way of shaping new modalities for institutional partnership in the Post-COVID-19 “next normal”? What important lessons can we draw upon from the global Francophone community in co-creating and nurturing sustainable inter-institutional partnerships?

This session will begin with a presentation from Jean-Louis Roy – diplomat, writer and former secretary general of the Francophonie – where he presents his vision and views on partnership and the opportunities that exist for meaningful engagement through international education within the global Francophone community, with particular emphasis upon Africa.

Following Mr. Roy’s presentation, three guests panelists will engage in a lively consecutive exchange about their institutions’ lived experiences in inter-institutional partnership moderated by Adel El Zaim, Chief Internationalization Officer at the University of Ottawa.